Letra de 2055 ( en ingles )

Nach Scratch

Letra de 2055 ( en ingles ) de Nach Scratch
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Letra de 2055 ( EN INGLES ) de NACH SCRATCH.

( Nach Scratch )

feel my world mourn, not to exploit,
He approaches the end of days,
Soul-destroying, it´s time, 2055 the planet is evaporated.
I feel my world mourn, not to exploit,
He approaches the end of days,
Time will come, we break, 2055 our country the disaster.

My thought is that bullet travels fires burning
Toward the past, uncertain future (which you are viewing),
50 years and where it goes beyond humanity,
About to explode, we want cures humile.
2055 despoliation, monopolies, oil,
Territories matches (blame the hatred)
Laboratories where soldiers are cloned,
Manicomios collapsed, epidemics and microbes.
Virtual court sentenced without mercy
Against all resistance to established power,
Satellites watch from the sky as eagles,
These are machines that know that shit stuck andais.
Stay in the air, did not escape their clutches,
They put chips in our necks as barcodes,
Beggars are settled by insecticide (CLAM)
Some die without food and others for obesity.
City without identity, killed by a coin,
And after the curfew and the smoke just wait,
New Era, regenerates your body,
Surgery and energy to serve them.
Cataclysms, tidal waves, continent torn by earthquakes,
After 10 summits in Kyoto and there is no agreement,
The world is dead, because extinct species and forests are deserts.
Psycho metropolis, you fall also,
Water is expensive and each face is a gas mask,
Computing, robotics, artificial reason,
Since my crystal ball I see this new world order.
And I watch as this monkey king on a throne imposes
The natural cycle is broken and decomposed,
Glaciations that threaten to cover the earth,
2055 years of misery and war.

I am a thief, you steal the machine to michel j.fox,
And down with mask because the air spray tastes like,
Bhopal remembers his cold atmosphere
I warm with a glass of alcohol 96.
Let´s play hobby at risk,
Fashion is the revolution of a country,
Or are born with balloon or uzi.
Triggering the crisis, insisting logical and disliked,
Looking for my removal as if Chust,
I spit jam synthesized
2055 is considered a delicacy here.
Sports, talk,
Indurain would rise, without breath, 20 times the marbled,
We no longer need solarium, burn a cloudy day,
This heat hates the thermometer in between.
Lejosde extinguish religion is, tell me
What do you do if they present you with faith in a kinder egg?,
Pa children a sugar-fried cotton ketamine,
They come with imagination in their windows.
The economy is just tasted like caviar,
Small doses high pa never vary,
Ideas are mixed with fantasy, warhammer training for children of enfentamiento.
Here it is the policy "adrezá " with Islam,
Van longisland to explode, the sky under a magnet,
The sun is shining black, gobi desert
It borders with my notebook, and the top cop.
It opens and lets out the ink to the sea,
That attaches a submarine of the 3rd World War,
Fleet rage, rage, bullying at school,
It seems normal and the Sahara appears instead of feeling.
The land goes from green to ocher, one reaches the top,
Salen´s the graffiti zombies cope.

2055 is the infinite chaos, crime queen,
Sounding sirens, gunshots and screams,
I avoid possible abroad, the conditions are extreme,
Oxygen poisoning and the sun burns.
Programmable computer systems each life
New triple virus, AIDS victims,
Fear of suicide bombings no one leaves their home,
Atocha and Manhattan gave way to the Vatican and Trafalgar Square.
The sea covered whole countries due to melting,
More than 1000 animal species became extinct,
60 degrees by day, night, 30 below zero,
Acid has long been the taste of tears of heaven.
Ground tremors desolate region every hour,
A tsunami a week, eats coast,
The Atlantic is now coming to Arizona,
And the place of flora and dunes along the banks of the Amazons.
There are no free zones of contamination,
Not even the peaks of the Himalayas,
Paris is now a battlefield,
The oil covers every beach
There is no volcano that has not erupted.
In the population are physical malformations,
The cause: nuclear thermal leaks,
The polar opposite of baby factories,
Perfection under election
In a previous genetic manipulation.
The food is synthetic, water consumption is limited,
The private medical care is a privilege,
The offense is punishable by death,
One in three adults suffers from Alzheimer thanks to the crystal.
It´s the end of our days of agony,
No one relies on finding solutions to this crisis,
The oasis of hope are just pure utopia,
You are welcome at the beginning of the apocalypse.

I feel my world mourn, not to exploit,
He approaches the end of days,
When Alma destroyers, 2055 the planet is evaporated.
I feel my world mourn, not to exploit,
He approaches the end of days,
Time will come, we break, 2055 slaughter our land