Letra de Exodus


Letra de Exodus de Lynch
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Letra de EXODUS de LYNCH.

( Lynch )

Drawing a line.
Putting the name on each territory.
Tell me what you are afraid of.
It means nothing to me.

Yes, I´m not somebody who?
who´s not loved by you.
Well, you don´t know what I am.
You´re ready to fight?

Now it´s time to spread it out.
The darkness inside of me.
Leave me alone, know what I want.
Eat´em till the end.

Kageotoshi yami o tsukitateru
Sō de kaku no wa jigoku
Wasureruna kono-goe kotoba o
Machiukeru hibi ni kizame

Amai akumu o hajimeyou

Break down the wall
made of the words mean nothing to me.