Letra de Sube a nacer conmigo hermano (en inglés)

Los Jaivas

Letra de Sube a nacer conmigo hermano (en inglés) de Los Jaivas
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( Los Jaivas )

Up to be born with me brother
Give me your hand from the deep sona
Your pain spread.

Volveras not fund the rocks
Not volveras time subterranean
Not enraged volvera your voice
No volveran your eyes drilled
Ascends to be born with me brother.

Mirame from the depths of the earth
Labrador weaving, pastor silent
Domador guanacos guardians,
Mason challenged the scaffolding.

Aguador of tears Andean
Jeweller fingers crushed,
Farmer trembling in the seed,
Potter in your loam spilled.
Bring to the top of this new life
Your old Dolores buried.
Ascends to be born with me brother.

Show Me your blood and your path
Decidme: "... Here I was punished !..."
Because the jewel not shine or land
Not deliver on time the stone or grain.

Señaladme stone that caiste
And timber that you crucified,
Encendedme old Pedernales,
Laras old, long stuck,
A travez the centuries in the wounds,
And the brightness bloodied axes.
I come to speak for your mouth dead.

Contadme entire chain to chain,
Link to link step by step
Afilad knives that saved.
Ponedlos in my chest and my hand
As a river of yellow rays,
As a river of tigers buried,
And let me mourn,
Hours, days, years
Ages blind centuries stellar.