Letra de Amor americano (en inglés)

Los Jaivas

Letra de Amor americano (en inglés) de Los Jaivas
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( Los Jaivas )

Down with me, love American
Kiss me stones secret.
Silver torrential Urubamba
Fly pollen makes his yellow cup.

Fly the emptiness of the creeper,
Silver stone, the garland hard
On the silence of the drawer Serrano.

Love, love, until evening abrupt,
From the sound flint Andean
Toward the dawn of red knees,
Contemplates the son of the blind snow.

Oh, Wilkamayu threads of sound,
Destroying your thunder linear
In white foam, like wound snow
When your squall Cliff
Sings and punishes raised to heaven,
What language dost thou bring to the ear barely
Uprooted from your foam Andean?

Love, love, do not touch the border
Nor adores his head submerged
Let the time to fulfil its stature
In his room broken springs,
And between the fast water and the walls,
Collects air canyon
The parallel blades of the wind,
Channel blind ridges,
Rough greeting Dew,
And climbs, flower aflor, by the thick,
Despeñada treading the snake.

Come to my own being, the dawn mine,
Until solitudes crowned
The kingdom dead still live.