Letra de Transgressor

Liege Lord

Letra de Transgressor de Liege Lord
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( Liege Lord )

You'll feel the heat you'll burn to my touch
the cinders fall as they spill abrupt
the move is fast glance too slow to find
there's more than evil in transgressor's mind
i've stepped beyond the law divine and gone beyond limits set, prescribed
i live to take don't tread behind intact i'm not and i'm mindless blind
The change takes place the sights are set enter my lair and live to regret
my lair's a cage impregnable you'll bet a hungry mind is my victim's net
my guilt is innocence from which you'll bet
to it you're drawn from you it grows on me a turned table is your worst enemy
the fact you are in truth you will not be
Place of torment my final rest i'll know
before i'm through my flames will rise to show
i'll break down i know my end is near unlike your kind i've learned no fear
hellish eyes block my broken view of animism in minds of very few
i'll leave a lesson untaught but true my terror lives inside of you