Letra de Not afraid enymore


Letra de Not afraid enymore de Leeland
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( Leeland )

I feel your lightning waking me up
From the sleep of my timid soul
I´ve been in hiding from all your plans
Your command that told me to go
And i´ve spent all my life keeping my head down
But i´m lifting up my eyes
I raise my flag up high, my flag up high

I´m not afraid anymore
´cause i am running with your fire, lord
I´m picking up my sword
You train my hands and my fingers for war
I´m not afraid anymore

I hear the trumpet ringing out in these streets
Where kingdoms collide
So i´m responding
This is a fight for love, this is death or life
And when my knees are weak
I know your hands are strong
And they are holding me
I´ll never be alone, never be alone

You´re chasing my fears away
There´s no reason to be afraid
Your love is here chasing my fears away

Your love is here chasing my fears away