Letra de Sycamore tree

Lady Saw

Letra de Sycamore tree de Lady Saw
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( Lady Saw )

Do you remember, do you remember (rpt)
Remember it was under the sycamore tree
a bwoy waan mi bow
an mi tell him fi flee
remember it was under the sycamore treeee
the sun stop shining for me
again (rpt)
1. well, remember when we used to row
yuh used to drop yuh hint an mi think yuh did a gyow
but mi a goody goody an mi never know how
furthermore mi never deserve fi bow
well, a long time yuh fren dem did a leak
but thru mi kici back and mi neva waan speak
an mi a gal whey guh a mi church every week
so mi naw mek nuh bwoy tun mi inna freak
so mi say
2. mi love yuh but mi still have mi pride
mi a gal wi gi yuh all di wickedest ride
but mi haffi stay pon di righteous side
mi naw mek nuh bwoy mek mi walk an hide
call mi old fashion a nuh everything mi like
mi a gal wi ride pon yuh big ninja bike
run any marathon inna mi site
but a one mic mi chat pon
ah mi studio mic
3. a food alone guh inna wi mouth
big up di gal dem from dunkirk and south
how gal fi bow, a whey dem a chat bout
all goody goody gal from rockfort
junglist and rema gal a dem run di route
seaview and kingston 13 a shout
a rouna rouna rouna 3 mile roundabout
mek mi see the han dem without a doubt
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