Letra de Heaven sent

Dina Carroll

Letra de Heaven sent de Dina Carroll
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( Dina Carroll )

There are days i get so tired of being me
There are days i just can't face reality
And dealing with people that i just don't want to see
Gets me thinking about you and me
In my mind i dream of how i want to be
That's not the way i keep my sanity
'cos given time i know eventually
I will find peace of mind
(your love) it's all i need from you
(your love) it's what takes me through
(mine) yes, you're mine
(mine) well, yes, you're mine
Heaven must have sent you to me
There are days i just can't find the energy
It seems so hard to find a little harmony
You give the strength, you give it right back to me
When i need to get by
I don't have to question the things that you do
There's never a doubt in my mind about you
You're the one choice i've made in my life
I'm so satisfied, i'm so satisfied
I know i've got you and that you'll see me through
Don't think i don't know
'cos you came along
You made me so strong
Showed me how sweet life can be