Letra de Monticello

Dillinger Escape Plan

Letra de Monticello de Dillinger Escape Plan
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( Dillinger Escape Plan )

"dillinger was the best known back robber in the world. during robberies dillinger would spring over the bank railing, into the tellers cage, an action that called attention to itself. you knew it was dillinger when you saw him smile."

Watered down
Letters of hate
Watered down
Creep in on me
(are you ready to die? ready to..die)
I´ve watched that water
Drip into mud
As charred fingers
Stab at my eyes
No regrets can touch this soul
Stabbing at my brain
No regrets can touch this soul
Cause i´m a devil,
In a three-piece suit
That good old green

"paint on paper,
Prostitute" x2

"paint on paper!
Prostitute!" x2

For now four walls closing
Stabbing at my fate
Soon dirt starts staring
Down that barrel
Turning water into wine
It never seemed so sweet
Turning faith into blind
It never was so easy