Letra de Total human end

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter

Letra de Total human end de Die Apokalyptischen Reiter
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( Die Apokalyptischen Reiter )

The day will come and nothing will be heared. That`s the great silence. This
will be the day of retribution for all the pain and injuries the mankind has
caused to our mother earth and at the same time the day of deliverance of
the earth and of all suffering souls. All will be silence. Not a single human
voice, no human beeing, conceited about it´s ability to speak, can make a
single noise. It seems that the Creation swallows the dull routine of everyday
life to get attention for the imminant apocalypse at hand. The biggest
machines and factories, built from "human hands", are quiet, dead and
insignificant. And nature, all living creatures, all the growing and blooming
things, the water and the air will be silent. But not dead. Deep inside the
Creation a noise is growing which has never been heared before, born of the
the pain and the suffering of every living creature. One can not hear it, but
you can feel it in your bones and the whole world is shaking because of it.
Penetrating, and it rises up to a river of screaming, draughning everyone and
everything. Nothing will be left and in the end there will be a great silence
and eternal peace!