Letra de Let it be love

Cindy Morgan

Letra de Let it be love de Cindy Morgan
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( Cindy Morgan )

I danced with another, but the melody faded
I took it for granted, but I can´t take it no more
I guess nobody´s perfect
We´re always last to admit that we should blame ourselves
So love is lost, don´t we know our hearts anymore
Now tell me, if this life´s a game of give and take
Why are we taking so much, we´ve been taking so much
We gotta learn how to give
It´s time to let it begin

Let it be love, let it be true
Cause love will be all that we remember
Open up our arms to each other
Oh, let it be love
Don´t you know the heart and soul are what matter
Let it be love
Cause love will be all that lasts forever
Open up our hearts to each other
Oh and let it be love

I stand with a stranger, wond´ring what I´m afraid of
I feel like a prisoner, holding the key to the door
Why run from each other
We´ve lead ourselves to believe that no one really cares
So on we go, I wonder what we´re leaving behind
Now tell me what´s a broken world supposed to do
When we´ve been hurting so much, we´ve been hurting so much
We´ve got to find love in Him
So won´t you let it begin

I believe In love again