Letra de Lento (en ingles)

Christopher Uckerman

Letra de Lento (en ingles) de Christopher Uckerman
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( Christopher Uckerman )

I am-losing my head and all of control
illusinating that im somewhere im not
underneath a shadow of a castle in which theres only me and you
in a party that doesnt want to end
im seduced by the music and you
the owner of my life and
my prince charming
the one that makes me go crazy
and makes me move my hips side to side
i dont want the dream i have to end while im dancing
you dream RBD with Luny Tunes
dancing in an animated cartoon
do it real slowly
dance real slowly(x2)
They were in the river of the room
the low water cascade with much pressure
This dream does not have any explanation
Is a madness that accelerates the heart
And is a celebration in our castle
theres no one but me and you
and I do not want anything but that
to dance alone with you side to side and...


I do not want them to wake me up of this dream
do not make me put my foot down on the ground
Today dont clear my illusion of me being your owner
I dont want to say the way this book closes the night
doesnt finish and much less does our love
You´ll be my loved one-in my story-in my history and in my show
Meanwhile time passes I like you more
and I wont leave the dream baby that united to us
Baby dont leave from me do not change our destiny
I feel my heart accelerated
I have discharged by you my pressure and
want to know what is your intention of
That so you feel the same of that...
Tell me what you feel about dancing reggaeton

Chorus.... (dul y christian)
I do not want to wake up of this dream in which
I feel That I am with you dancing slowly reggaeton
I do not want to wake up although its the morning
This passion kills me and is driving me crazy

Luny tunes
los benjamins
mas flow...