Letra de Exterminating angel


Letra de Exterminating angel de Catharsis
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( Catharsis )

The sun also rises?
In hell.
But now never again, kill the lights
Fucking break the skin.
Gave it all I had, now I´ve nothing left to give
And if you love life, there´s some life you won´t live
Burned my bridges beneath me
I´ve more than had my fill?
So much, more unspeakable
In the four chambers of my heart:
In the torture chamber of my heart
Laid out on that floor
Those nights hanging by a thread
Unsure whether it was desire or despair that kept me drawing breath
When all my dreams came down to nothing,
Left me just another piece of meat
For you I carried my life on in my teeth
Through betrayed years and bloody tears
And pits where you can only crawl
Poor Grendel´s had an accident?
So may you all
And in dust the end of all my fears,
Nothing an on one can reach you in here-
Holy of holies, the altar of flies
And I will sleep in your embrace tonight.

She draws me close and shuts my eyes,
Regrets and secrets, don´t say a word (on rustling wings of leper skin)
Slides a finger in every nerve.
We burned down the candles of our youth
Bathed our lives in heart and soil
Poured out our corroded insides while we could
Body and?
For blood money that bought our ghettos and gods
The black skies hanging over the highways-
So this is how it comes to a close

And she´s wringing all the memories from my heart
With all the tenderness of the dispossessed
Counting down the seconds in bitter fear
Praying to cease to exist

Thy silent hands they come for me
Thy cold caresses they comfort me
Thy icy blood it runs through me
When I´m asleep in your embrace
I´m never coming down again
(into nothingness I´ll never know)
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