Letra de Paradise


Letra de Paradise de Cassie
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( Cassie )

So hot, don´t know what to do
Cuz I´m so shy, I´m fucking with you

[Verse 1- Cassie]

I know what I want now, no shade no hatin´
But if that´s your date then you need a replacement
No shade no hatin´, no lines no waitin´
Loud body language, no conversations
Just meet me in the back of the room
When I found out that you´re here
I wanted to do it here, I think we should vacay
You can be my souvenir

[Hook- Cassie]

Yeah, cuz kissin´ you was very nice
The rest of you is paradise
Got me shooken like a pair of dice
Body rollin´ like a pair of dice
I be fuckin´ with him every night
Fuckin´ with him every night

[Verse 2- Cassie]

I know what I want now
No wait, No patience
Don´t trip, won´t say shit
Private Location
No shade, No hatin´
Your girl can´t say shit
Loud body language, No conversations
Just let me do whatever with you
Give me some Im not scared
Give it back, yea I´ll share
Vacation at my place
I can be your souvenir

Yeah, cuz kissin´ you was very nice
The rest of you is paradise

[Verse 3- Wiz Khalifa]

I walked in through the back
Can´t go through the front, my engine go in the back
Trunk go in the front
She was givin´ me brains while I was rollin´ one up
When I shoot it I score
When I hit it she jump
Don´t see no keys when I´m pullin´ up
Keys when I´m folding up.........
Steady going overseas and rolling up trees
I?m buying it all, I don?t like to tease her
Oh you ain?t heard?
I?m in the game
And I ain?t on stage darling but scream my name
So the next step?s we go get a plane
Then we fly a place where don?t nobody know us
Then I?m gonna wait to say what you want
Then I?m going in for a taste, especially below your waist
I got a plan for the place, I got a band for the case
You tell me play my cards right
I got a hand full of aces
Fucking with you every night,
Body looking very tight
And I?m...