Letra de Put to sleep like a sick animal

Carpathian Forest

Letra de Put to sleep like a sick animal de Carpathian Forest
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( Carpathian Forest )

Centuries have strengthened his soul
he knows the winds
he knows the woods and the trees
firmly held by the strongest chains
He's waiting for the nightfall
he lurks in the evening mist
an earthly demon-made soul
declaring destruction of god
destruction and war
hhe lurks the travellers to their death
he put a nail in your coffin
forever and ever till the end of time
and he will always be
on top of the world!!!
Our lifeless faces of death
you will walk the darkest path
and find no inner peace
the blackest light of true evil
Torture me with a thousand razors
torment me no further, kill me now
this is the day of suffering
this is the day i see you die
Get me out of this fucking hellhole
i can't stand the fucking smell
i can't stand your hypocrisy
you're going to hell
Living in fear, your death is tailor-made
drowned in a pool of snot, tears and misery
you haven't seen the light
the christians were wrong!!!
There is no comfort in dying
there is no peace in death
you are worth nothing
put to sleep like a sick animal
Put to sleep like a sick animal