Letra de Love makes the world

Carole King

Letra de Love makes the world de Carole King
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( Carole King )

There was trouble in my mind tonight
somethin' inside didn't feel quite right
then i saw your face in the moonlight
and i was right beside u
don't need words that we useta use
it goes deeper than the words we choose
can't lose - i wanna spread the news
u got love inside u
Some days it's hard to know what you're feelin'
i've been down that road before
i can't stop believing
love makes the world go 'round
as long as you're a part of me
nothin's gonna take me down, oh
last winter when the snowfall hit
cold city - it was hard to commit
you were out there lookin' for the perfect fit
and i was right beside u
nothin' real comes overnight
u weren't sure if it felt right
but sometimes a love can move your life
if u let it guide u
Baby u got to take love where you can find it
just walk right through that door
Gonna make it happen together
we are strong now, watch us fly

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