Letra de Directions

Carole King

Letra de Directions de Carole King
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( Carole King )

They tell me
when i've got my life on my mind
they're sorry
but they can't do a thing about it till tomorrow
I tell them
now i don't want a lot of your time
maybe they listen
oh, but what do they know of my pain and my sorrow
Oooh, what will it cost you
after how many tears i've cried
how much longer must i try
Directions presenting themselves every day
are bypassed
'cause of somebody else's foolish limitations
Rejections - many have i had in my way
but i go on, yes, i do now, and try to overcome the bad vibrations
Oooh, what does it get you
stealing somebody else's pride
how much longer must i cry
I can see all the things of which i've dreamed
if i dream any longer-what will it mean
of all i have wanted so long
still are with me
as i ask myself how much longer must i try