Letra de Dancing

Carole King

Letra de Dancing de Carole King
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( Carole King )

I dance a little closer to you and watch you dance away
hard selling what we both know tomorrow you may
not be able to give away
and as i leave the stage
dancing through my rage
i feel helpless as the music goes on, and we turn to another page
Dancing--everybody's dancing
moving through the ballet
never missing a cue
how sad, but how beautiful it can be
to watch the choreography
as we play out our fantasy
Red hair flashing under amber-colored lights
you pirouette too smoothly as you move around your ladies
and your fear of lonely nights
as you leap across the air
you're so perfectly aware
of your audience in rapt attention
as you hang suspended there
You do have a tender side
i can feel it, though you've always tried to hide
it from me
'cause you know that i'm one woman who's strong enough to see you
as you've always been afraid to be
Dancing--everybody's dancing