Letra de Crepitating bowel erosion


Letra de Crepitating bowel erosion de Carcass
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( Carcass )

[solo: intumescence of pulverised piles]
wart-encrusted sebaceous growths
pustulating, bleeding piles are what i boast
scabby and blistered pectoral skin flakes away
as my crushed bowels evacuate much to my dismay...
Faecal tripe - take the bite
urinary swill - take your fill
Squeeze out the pus, perforate the rash
munch the mouldy scabs, lick the septic gash...
eroded crispy bowels, corrosive putrid breath
collapsing, slushy lungs, my diaphragm pickled in meths...
Renal ulcerations, faecal gurgitations
costive crepitations, complete anal disgorgement...
disinterring organs, pus, urine and sewage
thrust into your naval, to soak up ascitic fluids...
An abrasive concoction is formed in my throat
methylated bile, jaundiced kidneys bloat
tumorous stomach, coughing up gall
the thorax infected with furuncles and boils...
The sight of by abdomen, shrivelling and gurgling
the reek of my bloody pleura, stagnating and curdling
cynical and sarcastic, my fetid sense of tumour
clinical and gastric, i imbibe my own vitreous humour...
Soiled prostatic prolapse
ruptured hernia rips your groun
your mouth forced wide open
as you're made to chew on your haemorrhoids...
gnawing my appendix, enteric organs glistening
acholial fluids, coagulating and thickening
Weakened, cirrhosised liver, pumping out sludge
of pediculosal faeces, sanguineous bile and crud...
Avulsion of salted tonsils
gavaged with a spoon
your scrotal sac torn open
and stuffed with ano-genital grume...