Letra de Burnt to a crisp


Letra de Burnt to a crisp de Carcass
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( Carcass )

[solo: cranial cremation]
Torched to a pimple
peeling skin and tissue
inflammable rectal gases
scalding your sinews
Charbroiled to blackened char
smoked, sauted and black
blistering flaking tissue
insalvageable by skin graft
fused into a mess
dribbling cartilage and fumes
your body shrivelling
your fingers beginning to prune
Burnt to a cinder
your body charred
incinerated carbon
molten as tar
smouldering ashes
scorched entrails
carbonated dust
cremated remains
Burnt to a crisp
your fat's on fire
devouring you whole
like a cadaver-stoked pyre
Charred to the bone
your flesh is burnt
tissues molten
bodily gases inert
human inferno
blazing eruption
evaporating marrow
spontaneous combustion
Burnt to a crisp
your hair is singed
devouring your scalp
receding your fringe
Dripping flesh and fat
spreads like an irritating rash
your fingers melting
as you vainly scratch
[solo: malevolent scrotal incendiary including extreme hate]

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