Letra de Al comienzo (en ingles)

Caramelos De Cianuro

Letra de Al comienzo (en ingles) de Caramelos De Cianuro
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( Caramelos De Cianuro )

To the beginning, only there was nothing and nothing any more The things began to happen, you were waking up I promise You, he
will avoid nothing to return to find When the time moves for behind the future will have happened

A nascent universe and your learning to walk Only I want to be present when you learn to fly

? And it will turn the life to his point of item And the life will be able to obtain an exit ?

You are an identical bird, are a ship with wings A lucky accident, a golden bed You Are sadness and happiness, are the night and the day Only I want to soak in your spirit and meat.

You are strange and mysterious, are a deep and beautiful Capricious so filthy and so pure creature ? And there are these the things that you raise to the goddess