Letra de We want in

Busta Rhymes

Letra de We want in de Busta Rhymes
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( Busta Rhymes )

[Chorus: Ron Browz]
If two dollars gettin made, we want in
If a stock is gettin trade, we want in
A record gettin played, we want in
A message to the game, that we want in
Whoaaaaaaohhh, we want in
Whoaaaaaaohhh, this is a fair warning
Whoaaaaaaohhh, we want in
Whoaaaaaaohhh, this is a fair warning

[Busta Rhymes]
Ha, hey ma! Look your child´s grown
And I built somethin, Flipmode is touchin down stone
Look you shouldn´t have no fear
And now we bringin the streets back, look how it feel out here
Now y´all respect the hard work, but I don´t care nigga
We all tryin to eat you better learn how to share
You see the moral of the story and from how it begins
is I´m extortin this whole shit - nigga I want in!


[Spliff Star]
Open up the blood clat door let me in
before I let the barrel spin and fire off the pin
This is my block (block) this is my shop (shop)
Fuck a ex-cuse, give me mines off the top
What´chu waitin on? All my patience is gone
I ain´t waitin on no man, I stick to the program
Keep the pockets bulky like the muscles on Conan, swollen
European cars I be rollin - Spliff!


[Show Money]
Geah niggaz, this is your fair warning
I give one soo woo to the gang and they on it (soo woo)
Cause you know how I think, drugs and extortion
We tired of waitin nigga we want our portion
You know what we endorsin, more violence and more fortune
Watch how you play with them boys - use caution
It´s {Money Roll} geah
And that whole motherfuckin Flipmode, don´t cross them