Letra de We miss you

Busta Rhymes

Letra de We miss you de Busta Rhymes
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( Busta Rhymes )

[Chorus: DeMarco & Jelly Roll]
The way I rep the street and how a nigga killin every
single second
They say I´m doin too muuuuuuuch
I try to step back just a little just to give niggaz a chance
But as you´ve seen they really couldn´t do muuuuuuuch
Even when I´m layin low I put it down for every city and
every borough
I love to put the hood uuuuuuup
I disappear just for a minute and it´s funny when the
same people say
we hate the fact that you gone - SO NOW THE HOOD BE SAYIN!!
Ahhh-ahhh-ahhh-ahhh, we miss you, oh and we love what
you doin sayin [3X]
Ahhh-ahhh-ahhh-ahhh, we miss youuuuu, ahh-ahh-ahh

[Busta Rhymes]
Jack, lemme, lemme show you niggaz progress
Layin the law like I´m the head of Congress
Jewelry layin like a baby on they mom´s breast
GUESS WHAT?! I´m ´bout to drop another bomb - YES!! YES!!
Back with the crack, fiends get in line
Feds patrollin the strip, see it´s election time
Mr. Rhymes thirsty to lock up every town bagged
Money heavy like we carryin babies in them brown bags
Like my brown Louis luggage, I´m in a brown suit
A rare Louis collection, pushin a brown Coupe
Paint job sick like a bitch leakin out brown douche
Hundred EX Phantom, suck in the brown pew
Banned, cigar man now look around you
People gather like they done finally found the truth
Every word so compellin; I´m burnin down the booth
Now if you niggaz need proof LISTEN!!


[Busta Rhymes]
Check - all rise, niggaz get it straight (ha)
I rep the hood, rain hail snow and earthquake (ha)
I´m past rattlin buildings, I make the earth shake (OH!)
And make the hood wanna rebel and start to hurt Jake (Jake)
Like how the pavement lay on every street
I turn savage and grow fangs when I´m on every beat
There´s never been any problem! We harbor heavy heat
You niggaz know that he got ´em, so listen when he speak
Go ´head niggaz! Peep how I´m rollin up my sleeves on ´em
Boa constrictor flow I´m ´bout to put the squeeze on ´em
My money speak a different language, Lebonese on ´em
And turn it up another two thousand degrees on ´em
GET ´EM! I dress bummy in Bugati, stupid
And drown cities when I give you that tsunami music
And watch my HOOD niggaz spaz, peep the way I do it
Long as you know who be the greatest DON´T CONFUSE IT


Yah!! Busta Rhymes, come fi take over
Yah!! Watch you dance, or you a lead
Yah!! C´mon go... yah!! Aight... [fades]