Letra de Blown

Busta Rhymes

Letra de Blown de Busta Rhymes
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( Busta Rhymes )

Let us all bow our heads

I only pray for some of you, cuz some of you deserve the exact beating you about to receive
We don?t wish bad on no man
I ain?t got no malice in my heart, I just want you, to
appreciate me

See I don?t need nobody fake
Comin? all over my bed
Talkin bout takin my place that?ll get me blown, blown (Yes)
And yes I got a problem with you tryin to be me
Well it?s just me tryin to be me that?ll get me blown,
blown (Hwuh)
And Yes I hate you hatin on me
(Unless) you wanna see them lasers homie
All up in your face, that?ll get you blown, blown
And it?s best that you don?t come and test
Unless you got the vest on deck
If I feel that respect then a nigga gotta go, go

I work hard just to make the people wanna love me
make the people wanna hug me make the people wanna see me
make the people wanna touch me make the children wanna be me
make the women wanna rush me

Sometimes it?ll get a little ugly when I be grindin to
get it
and you try to take it from me and I be strivin to rep it
gotta get a little gully
cuz you be tryin to test and started fuckin with my money

Now I?m tired of you walkin on a nigga and im
(Eyyyy) really tired of you talking bout a nigga when I?m
(Flip) only tryin to be (me) and everything that I can (be)
with all the pressure that you?re forcin? on a nigga then I
will do what I gotta do even if I gotta go wrap my finga
on a trigga and pull it
Trust me, prolly gotta bust me, and know that I?m gonna
defend a fool to the fullest


I live and breathe what I do, trust me you don?t wanna
go to far (Ha ha)
Husky, cuz I put a little size on now, I don?t wanna
have to choke you par?
So please, don?t make me handle people that are look
at you a little crazy
Hope you are, just a little smarter than a rash, homie
finish with ya you gon? wish
that you was close to god
Cuz I put all of my feeling and I put all of my passion
and then look up to the ceiling
cuz you know a nigga had to get another well now eva
eva make you think that you could
ever come through and try to take what?s mine
Cuz I?m willing to just to give my everything and make
the sacrifice and whatever
I?m made of always bringin? to the heaven, twice
Cuz I like repeating when I win and it?s only right
nigga respect my grind


You don?t wanna cross that line homie you don?t wanna do
that and I pop it and I prolly make ya really wonder who
dat and I cock it you don?t want me poppin through your
little doo rag and I drop you once I really got you leave
a nigga (blue black)
Then I come in and I hit em and I make a nigga wanna sit and
think about just a little make a nigga really wish you?re
in a better situation
with somebody he?ll be talking bout another nigga wig
(flew back)
Now, let me give what I give to the people while I walk
and I cross under the bridge, so simple
See the moral of the story of the song is dude you will
let me live,
while I beat that pavement and stay up in the street
and I meet that
greatness and blazin with the heat (look)
And stand so firm on the ground that I walk on, fake
nigga earn your keep