Letra de Immortal echoes

Buried Dreams

Letra de Immortal echoes de Buried Dreams
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Letra de Immortal echoes de Buried Dreams.

( Buried Dreams )

A new path begins
to the point of no return
i find confusion in my mind

There's a batlle inside my head
my soul is fighting to rise
retarded my eyes
starting to fall in another force
different than mine
scareing my spirit in an unknown world
in my strongest alied
it's so easy without it
There's images full of dregs
before my eyes i am the terror climax
everything is falling in suspense in silence
without breathing

My power, inspires me to continue in this cosmos
i look around everything is so fucking strange
even when... we fall
upon my shoulders, there's no awakening
time stands still
I can't touch the fire
fly over the seas
i can't see what others can
i can feel like running inside of me
for eternity
This eternety
reallity will no end
i will be here
waiting for a new being
able to sacrifice
anybody can hide
for this is an inside reallity

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