Letra de Dead to the world

Bullet For My Valentine

Letra de Dead to the world de Bullet For My Valentine
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( Bullet For My Valentine )

I have died a hundred times before
Your words have ripped out my insides
I´ve found revenge within my soul
I?ve tried a thousand times before
To leave my demons behind me for good
I?m trapped with no escape to find

Lost without hope
Hope is now lost
As I hang on for one more tomorrow
Hearts turn to black
I?m not coming back
I know I can?t last
?Cause I feel like I?m dead to the world

I feel like I?m dead to the world

I?ve craved the feel of your caress
No chance to hold you or hurt you again
I?ve gone way too far this time
Too far this time
I craved the sound of your distress
I loved to take out my failures on you
I?m not the old forgiving kind


I feel like I?m dead to the world
I feel like I?m dead to the world

I?m dead to you and you?re dead to me

Seems like the gods are punishing me
Shackled in chains I just can?t break free
Hands around my throat tighten the grip
Bound by my sins so my wings have been clipped
I?m paying the price, I?m doing the time
Serving my sentence for doing the crime
So show me the heavens or drag me to hell
This story is over, I bid you farewell
I bid you farewell, now drag me to hell