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( Buitres )

[Dom PaChino]
The Terrorist..
Here´s your opportunity to judge as my plea I set in unity
These tough guys, rockin´ blue vests in my community
I purchase one, camouflage sun, with my machine gun
That holds more, spits more power you never seen before
Faced, in the trial of your life, you never been laced
or felt the slug rip through ya flesh, shorten ya pace
It´s a pity to see the dirt caked up before my face
Tongue kept a nasty taste, right-hand grip the toast
another hammer huggin´ my waist
You was raised on a whole different side of the place
I was strugglin´, feedin´ my seeds, trapped in the pleas
While you was Downtown in ya man´s jeep listenin´ to sounds
Elevator action, diggin´ pockets with .44s
You was hangin´ out with local friends at liqour stores
Did a bid, elevator came out, LPs in stores everywhere
Terrorist shit is all you hear
When you creep through the streets where I live with four Taurus´s
the chorus is just a reflection of what the verse is
New fish, lookin´ nervous upon the surface
Terrorist, at your service, split you on purpose

[Hook x2: Dom PaChino]
1000 Dollar Watches, chains and iced out rings
2 for 5 baby is the song that we sing
Phone-blowin´ racists gettin´ sent to the bing
The Earth is my kingdom, I´m pronounced King

[Tommy Whispers]
Once again, I find myself back in the pen
Gettin´ it on, 50 men strong, swingin´ sharp gems
Long bolo´s, runnin´ for solo in this danger zone
The God, told me to stay away from po-po
couldn´t, got caught up in a chokehold
No control of my actions
plus blazin´ on these Staten streets
Missin´ the hell out of fuckin´ wifey on satin sheets
Jeans whackin´ my meat, bash they faces ´til blood reaches they feet
German thugs put you to sleep, prepare
Cell-house locked in a square
Niggaz stare you down, No Smiles, on the Island you the clown
Maytag, dirty inmates, scared to take baths
Rip you in half, build with the God, today´s math´
Razor and Nash, it´s real now, get your steel now
All my inmates, tell me how you feel now

[Hook x3]

[Dom PaChino]
Offical warhead, infect ya brain tissue with poison lead
Global patrol, first to make it go, buzzin´ with morse code
Strike ´em out, three in a row, power like Castro
Bustin´ stardust, blind-folded, machine gun gold, folded
Banana clip, all iced out, my man sold it to a foreigner
P.L.O. man, hold down a store with it
Got robbed, fleed to his country and went to war with it
The bi-coastal, rhymes loco, darts´ll toast you
Short trip, Powerule man, Terrorist vocals
Complex murderous mind´ll smoke you
When I black out, you wanna bet money? Pull ya stack out
Terrorist, in the daylight, expose the Mac out
We dangerous, I be a strong link within the chain of this
Bobby be the lock, you get a shot when I´m aimin´ this
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