Letra de You


Letra de You de Buckcherry
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( Buckcherry )

Talk to me tonight
Is everything alright
Help me understand you
You go out with your friends
And talk to other men
And our love life is a wasteland

And with the change a new test of faith
To help us through tomorrow
A condition of the love we made

Cause things won´t change without you
Forfeit the lies that maimed you
I want to dance with the lions and change things
But I can´t do it without you...you

You told me I´m the one
And now you´re out of love
In your eyes it´s hard to find you

If we could take some time
And cut out all the lies
I´d find a heart more stable


So take it easy girl
You´re falling through the night
Your Mona Lisa eyes
Will comfort me the rest of my life

(*Repeat x 2)

When love has hit your eyes
I´ll never say goodbye
We stand alone tonight
Without you
Without you