Letra de Corona


Letra de Corona de Brownside
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Letra de Corona de Brownside.

( Brownside )

Fuck 8-Ball, Super Saco and Gin
Ese pass the Corona to this crazy Mexican
Pop one open and take the motherfucker down
Catch a buzz, and what the homies will clown
Fuck St. Ives and the other punk shit
Grab a Corona and you won´t want to quit
Take it to the head and catch a hell of a high
And don´t stop drinking it till the bottom goes dry
I´m down with the Raza cuz I have good taste
I don´t fuck with cheap beer cuz all that shit is a waste
Nothing but Corona, and it´s all I drink
And the other punk shit I pour straight down the sink
The only beer I fuck with is made in Mexico
Kickin up this jam to let you motherfuckers know
I don´t drink Brass Monkey or the Colt 45
Only the Corona keep me feeling real live
So if you don´t know now, you better catch up quick
A cold ass Corona to the head, it´s a lid
Before you rush that Coors or the punk Bud Dry
Pop open a Corona and you know the reason why
They say friends don´t let friends drive away drunk
Bullshit motherfucker, don´t drink if you´re a punk

..cruisin through the Eastside..
..cruisin through the Eastside..
..pass the cerveza..