Letra de Restless


Letra de Restless de Broadways
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( Broadways )

the sky seemed far away
i tried to make sense of a thoughtless day
no disappointments stale words always know what to say
i took a train to olympia and realized once again how big the world was
i had forgotten how to breathe, we sat on the mountain
it seemed like i could touch the sky, no distractions
and i thought about the word freedom and what it really meant for me
because you see,
sometimes i don't feel so free when i'm stuck here in the city
i fell asleep on the side of the mountain
and i woke up to a peaceful morning
i took a deep breath as i stared across the canyon exhausted
hard concrete screaming my name
another year for me of worthless destiny
i've been waiting for the perfect time to scream
holding on and waiting for a better dream
i let so many slip through my fingers
as i watched the clock fade into the morning
so i smoke another cigarette as the sun rose over the city
but it didn't shine on me,
sleep has never made me happy what's left for me here
another lonely winter night, street lighs and a sleepless dream dismantled
words of indifference fall like rain
immersed into reality we all search for inspiration
sometimes it's really hard to find
but i found it on the mountain, now i'm back and i feel like i never left
sometimes i don't know where to go
a friend once told me to follow my dreams
but lately i've been asking myself
"what does it mean to be free?"
restless, someone tell me what to believe
i waste my days on an old fantasy
it's not the way it used to be