Letra de Rainy day


Letra de Rainy day de Broadways
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( Broadways )

you've been down for so long
the world can really do that to a kid
but you cant dwell on that shit
gotta make the world the best you can
there's no reason for crying whoa oh keep on trying
drink everyday to make the pain feel like it wasnt reall y there
kill dreams in front of tvs
that is just what they love to hear
maybe sometime... i will get off this fucking couch
i wont let this world drag me down
kids like you and me will be FREE
maybe sometime i wont have to wake up
and see another rainy day
a boring afternoon theres no prize at the end of this rainbow
no one to love
no one to talk to
so im gonna grab my umbrella and run outside
no rains gonna drown my ambition
gonna make it this time
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