Letra de Not necessarly the news


Letra de Not necessarly the news de Broadways
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( Broadways )

fall asleep in the living room,
accept your poisoning, subdued by news cops or slogans,
so it aint perfect but i hear this land is free,
but whos so free these days?
not the children who barely eat,
you probably wont find them on the cover of Newsweek,
thrown in a sea of green, the rich stay afloat,
hey im fucking drowning, 150,000 walked these streets today,
thats 150,000 good reasons to scream
but our brain-washed minds are hardened,
hands work and die to keep america rolling,
fabricated crime state rise 100,000 new police,
they dont care about people, just profitable prisons,
drop a bomb every now and then build obediance, patriotism,
too bad the bombs were pointed at civilians,
just like you and me, only overseas,
problems at home remain, murder used to boost the economy,
and their gleaming smiles, help keep you proud,
forget, smile, bow your head down, stop,
admit that theyre killing us, who are you giving all your trust,
breaking your back is that what freedom really costs?
well freedom isnt really begging for your food,
how can you tear down the homes we live in?
build condominiums, theyve got a clean-up crew
and the 5:00 news to reinforce it,
pulling sheets over the sheeps' heads blame the poor,
call the bims and thieves
but do you know who are the real thieves?
white upper class steal everything to maintain this class elite,
they've got us seeing green food and clothing are no privelages,
they are necessities,
dont believe your tv,
its thought control brought to you by nbc
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