Letra de Floundering


Letra de Floundering de Broadways
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( Broadways )

oh well, the shitpile caught on fire,
it seems like natural selection,
property values were plummeting anyway,
didnt say they hear the people say,
"cant we all just get along?"
sounds good to me as long as you stay in your shitty
and now crispy little town,
whos fault was it when south central burned to the ground?
judicial rape perpetrated by the state?
two hundred or so years of stored up rage?
its something that i think about, how upset people are,
and i havent any reason to complain,
plenty of good food, good friends, a nice apartment to live in,
and still i dont feel all that great,
whell im content but im not satisfied,
it makes it hard to live your fucking life,
a tv and a 6 pack dictate my day,
im stupid, soft and lazy, i forgot how to be brave,
and it looks like ill never have to learn,
complacence is the smoke alarm that insures
that white cities never burn
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