Letra de Stevie

Britny Fox

Letra de Stevie de Britny Fox
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( Britny Fox )

You might have seen this girl, did you catch her name
Has she played the town, watch your step cause she´s been around.

She was once my queen, my love, prize and dream.
She left her name around, a little sly way she sneaks around.

Cause I know what you might say, you wanna ask me if Stevie makes the play.
Cause I know, oh no, cause everybody wants to know about my Stevie.

My Stevie, my Stevie, my my Stevie.

Ya said your love for her is growing strong.
You´re gonna find out soon, all things that she´ll do to you.

Your life is on a knife, she says she´s not that type.
You might as well take the blade cut yourself, yourself in two.