Letra de Hotel torresmolinos

Brian Damage Featuring Krysstal

Letra de Hotel torresmolinos de Brian Damage Featuring Krysstal
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( Brian Damage Featuring Krysstal )

We had some fun at the disco they run at
the hotel torresmolinos
we ain't got time for naggin' cos we're too busy shaggin'
at the hotel torresmolinos
We was pissed on the plane and we got pissed again
at the hotel torresmolinos
we ain't bin fuckin sober since the moment we came over
to the hotel torresmolinos
Spanish bit aaaaaagh!!! [tapas dancing]
You shoulda seen the punch up when i brought me fuckin lunch up
at the hotel torresmolinos
i told him it's not cool to vomit in the pool
at the hotel torresmolinos
We sat and watched the swimmers do the breast stroke through me dinner
at the hotel torresmolinos
they all jumped in the showers and stayed in there for hours
at the hotel torresmolinos
We spent all our potatoes and pissed off all the waiters
at the hotel torresmolinos
you had to shoot yer mouth off, yeah that's why they threw us out of
the hotel torresmolinos
T. o. double r. e. s. m. olinos
we go there every year you must have seen us
we get pissed and then we flash some penus
we try to do the best we can, to show that we are englishmen
over here to represent our country and our countrymen
in t. o. double r. e. s. m. olinos

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