Letra de Scene of the homicide


Letra de Scene of the homicide de Breeze
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Letra de Scene of the homicide de Breeze.

( Breeze )

Yo, just imagine, you sit and witness the scene of a homicide
your whole world's traumatized and mesmerized
you know what i'm sayin?
[ verse 1: breeze ]
just imagine, you sit and witness the scene of a homicide
your whole world's traumatized, mesmerized
that's what it's like to grip the mic and try to flow on
your sentences a run-on full of so-forths and so-ons
who inspired you, who the hell hired you?
whoever the swine need to find time to fire you
cause you don't quite meet the standards of excellence
claimin you a gigolo but ain't had sex since
how many times must i ask you
show me an example on to make a sample sound hype
check the levels, make sure the record's on
show em the time of the crime (right, right)
a murder's in progress, put out an apb
the trigger is my best friend, so what i'm suggestin
you keep your distance, don't come close or push up
you'll be greeted by a bunch of heated niggas sayin (what's up)
defeat you, beat you, seat you in the greyhound
cause love don't live here, hops, so just stay down
i'm not to be played because i take pride
and this is what it's like at the scene of a homicide
It's like a eerie feeling
wait hold up, i think i see one now
[ verse 2: breeze ]
yo foolio, what you're doin on the mic stand?
you watched the hook but you forgot about my right hand
it's automatic even though it's done manual
autographed by man man [name] you know samuel
if this don't faze you this makes me wonder
how good you are and where do you come-a from-a
it doesn't matter if muff slays the drummer
the difference between you and the others is you're dumber
what's the matter with you? i 'bout had it with you
now you're steppin on the mic startin static with who?
i don't agree with that riff-raff
you keep tryin to rhyme and the result is you spit bad
it's a sad scene that i have to fight ya
cause you was shy and all that, now first i liked ya
don't expect no affection, just look for protection
from punches comin in every direction
how do you find the time to even talk on?
this ain't trials, ain't acceptin no walk-ons
so while the pedal is pushed, just enjoy the ride
as we venture to the scene of a homicide
[ verse 3: breeze ]
it's too short to count on life support
you either get caught out there or come up short
i thought i couldn't hold it or somethin, what's that you mumbled?
now i'ma hand you the mic - fumble
you're lookin silly, sort of like a clown, if
i'm s'posed to be scared of somebody that you're down with
i'm not indimated easy, don't sleep on
you couldn't scare me with a mask and a sheet on
it's like you're on the street corner on the avenue
and hangin from the lights is the noose used to hang you
forget what you say cause i don't wanna hear your side
it'll be you who's the victim at the scene of the homicide
you know
like murder in the first degree
when you're stiff just layin there with a yellow sheet over it
and you wait on a brown van to come
so a coroner can get out and pronounce you dead
at the scene of a homicide

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