Letra de Girls on my mind


Letra de Girls on my mind de Breeze
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( Breeze )

Verse 1:
girls, a subject that i think of every hour
while i'm relaxin, in fact sittin down or takin a shower
ain't a time in the day when i don't think how's renee
or even wonderin who am i screwin today, shanay or fay?
i done away with runaways, she must i say be legal
a night with breeze and she's gonna fly like an eagle
i'm sittin here confused, amused about who was my last call
pickin up my phone and forgettin who to ask for
girls i'm speakin to, occasionally i freak a few
i can walk the streets with you and still sneak a peek or two
it's not that you're not my type, you're definitely my kind
you gotta understand, i got girls on my mind
Verse 2:
now let me talk to the fellas for a sec
check the subject i project which you seldom neglect
in my opinion it's not what you're doin, it's who you're doin
not one or two'n, i mean like more than a few of em
in case you don't agree with me then stay away
far away as possibly, move it like today
i can't walk down the street, it seems i'm always on the look-out
i'm chillin with my girl and see another girl that i took out
i'm gettin kinda nervous, i really don't deserve this
i thought i did em a favor and i didn't try to preserve us
will i settle down, will i ever find the time?
nope, cause at the moment it's girls on my mind
Verse 3:
i'm gettin real good at this, it's like addictin
it seems the more girls i lose the more i seem to be gettin
i got time to talk to you and some of you i hurry through
got so much game, your girl's next on the schedule
confused to death, and my breath usually shortens
turn on the answer phone, i'll pick it up if it's important
enough, my brain is scrambled, my memory is mangled
called a dame by the wrong name and almost got strangled
nasty as a fiend, motto is non-juiceable
throw away a freak? ah-ah, they're all re-usable
settle down? save it, it's not my time
cause like i said before i got girls on my mind
Verse 4:
talkin about, "wait a sec, at least until i get to know ya"
then soon as she says "oh," that's when she starts to say i owe her
but oh no, oh no, you know where you can go up
i think she pro, you know, in other words a hold-up
impressed by my status and the rules i be enforcin
never sellin out or talkin to girls i know be costin
golddiggers, i mean bold niggas
pimpin punks for everything they got, sh-y-yeah, it figures
I got girls on my mind

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