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Letra de Say a prayer de Breathe
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Letra de Say a prayer de Breathe.

( Breathe )

Sweet sugar, pumping through my veins. everywhere is on a wire.
sweet sugar, you say it's just a game, soon to be your one desire.
when the devil holds your hand, then you know he's in command of temptation.
like the beauty of a rose, or a summer that will go, where's salvation.
say a little prayer,
say a little prayer for me.
say a little prayer,
say a little prayer for me.
Sweet sugar, your world just tumbles down, how you hunger for illusion.
sweet sugar, will take more than you own, all you have is your confusion.
you'll be standing in the rain, you'll be crying out in shame, for mercy.
so you turn to every man, say you need a helping hand, don't desert me.
I don't know what i've done with my life.
i don't want to think of all this wasted time.
i was in search of paradise,
yet this seems a heavy price to pay
Won't you say a prayer...

submitted by michael hack

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