Letra de What a change


Letra de What a change de Bread
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( Bread )

What a change(david gates)you could be the answer to my lonely dreamit's my only dreamdream it every nightit's about a girl who makes the waters stilltakes my troubled mindand makes it all seem right...oh what a change, what a change that would bei can feel it comin' over me,maybe it's strange, strange to saybut i can't remember howhow it used to be.you could be the answer or another dreamjust another dreamhow will i knowi'm afraid to wake up now and face the daycomes the light of dayshe'll have to go or stay...oh what a change, what a change that would bejust to wake and find you still here,'cause every time, time beforewhen i open up my eyesyou always disappear.we could sit and hope that you'll be seenwe could talk about the world and in between,and when the morning light was throughthen i could see if it was really you.