Letra de Wood wheel

Boss Hogg Outlawz

Letra de Wood wheel de Boss Hogg Outlawz
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( Boss Hogg Outlawz )

G´eah, it´s time to pull them slabs out mayn
It´s slab season, that boy Mr. Lee act a fool with this one
Northside where ya at, Southside where ya at
The East/West where ya at mayn, it´s time to get your shine on mayn
Pull the candy out on them boys, holla at em Thug [Thugga]

[Slim Thug]
I´m taking off down the run way, broad day Sunday
k br,khof!e?bbj,
Haters looking at me, I ain´t playing I will gun play
Hand on my grain, while I´m swinging on the one way
Boppers everywhere, I see it´ll be a fun day
I might as well stay up all night, till it´s Monday
My shit´ll prolly end up, where my son stay
Got baby mama drama, cause the bitch driving a Hyundai
And I got a Rolls, G´s up hoes
Still down till I´m down, watch me act a damn clown
In the cleanest shit around, making mo´****ers frown
I been flipping through my town, trying to see what the ****´s up
Boss city ballers, bitch niggaz get your bucks up
Got a king ranch, that´ll make you put your trucks up
It´s looking like them other boys, ran all they luck up
Damn sho´ can´t touch us, we them true bosses
You know how we do it fool, we them blue flossers

[Hook - 2x]
Mayn I got to grip, my wood-wood wheel
Mayn I got to grip, my wood-wood wheel
Mayn I got to grip, my wood-wood wheel
Trunk is steady pumping, grill steady coming

Switching lane to lane, gripping wood grain
Trunk knocking tops dropping, it´s a hood thang
Just rolling through the neighborhood, holding slab
Playas chunking up the deuce, when I hit the AVE.
Drank po´ing, A.C. blowing
Sun shining bright, but my screens still showing
Bumper unlocking, yellow hoes bopping
Two miles an hour, ain´t doing no stopping
I hit the button, recline the kit
High-siding when I´m riding, cause I know I´m the shit
Haters standing on the sideline, talking that trash
Eyes scoping for the jackers, cause I´m anxious to blast
Of course I´m having cash, just look at my ride
Glass fo´s candy do´s, peanut butter insides
I can´t be denied, straight up out of Houston
Working wood wheel, just laid back cruising

[Hook - 2x]

[Sir Daily]
City lights on, now we headed to the club
Long line of Caddy´s, on the 4´s and them dubs
Everybody icy, so them chickenheads choosing
Sideline watching, as the candy slab cruising
Hit the parking lot, and it´s time to shut it down
Fall up in the spot, and I´m smelling like a pound
Headed to the bar, for a shot of that Patrone
Chicks on my dick, punching numbers in my phone
Got my money long, cause I´m cashing them checks
Boss Hogg Outlawz, here to serve and collect
In that down South state, where the cash flow is great
On feet when I skate, boulevard I´ma break
Everybody paper chase, on the grind for that green
I´ma shine for myself, I´ma shine for my team
Puffing pounds of that green, you know I gotta get the kill
Recline on the scene, as I work my wood wheel

[Hook - 2x]
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