Letra de Badge on my neck

Boss Hogg Outlawz

Letra de Badge on my neck de Boss Hogg Outlawz
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( Boss Hogg Outlawz )

You know, if money could talk my nigga
It´d kinda sound, like this here mayn
That´s me nigga, Killa Gorilla
B.H.O., we serving and collecting nigga run it

[Hook - 2x]
cjjnmj j bp,jjpd
Big badge on my necklace, candy paint on my ride
I´m gripping Louis Va-Slugga, with peanut butter inside
I drop the top when I slide, I drop the top when I slide
Dr-drop the top when I slide, it make the boppers go crazy

You see I make money money, make money money money
Fuck with it, you gon take twenty bullets from me
Rubberband Banks, pockets full of dead honkeys
Addicted to carbohydrates, I´ma bread junkie
Only time I lose weight, when I´m pushing
Forgive me Lord, I might not be a saint but I´m pushing
Cup full of oil I´m bush´n, selling it like Arabs
Two diamond chains, look like they cabs
Blue over grey slabs, with the low pros on it
Fuck 3´s, gotta be 4´s when I roll on it
My money like wood, it´s mandatory that I hold on it
And I keep a deaf ear, when a hoe want it
You got prop money, I got block money
So F-Y-I, Killa getting guac´ honey
I´m a real baller, these boys just act like it
I heard talk cheap, but Killa got sacks pouches

[Hook - 2x]
cjjnmj j bp,jjpd

Big chain big car, big money big bar
What I´m pouring up, cause I´m a big star
Fly cat, you can find me where that sky at
G-4 leering through kush clouds, I´m on a fire sack
Money talk, I´m all ears for the convo
I got the coke but not the one, come with your combo
I´m so dope boy fresh, I got em on deck
I´m talking bout stacks, where the rubberbands at
Like T.I.P, I do it B-I-G
Cause I´m a bad boy, off in the V.I.P.
With top models I pop bottles, and I swallow
The best champagne, that money can buy me
If you think a nigga slipping, come and try me
And I´ma oput the bluck-blucka, to a bitch´s body
And send a bitch nigga body, to the sky like Heidie
Then hit the presidential suites, while you chill off in the lobby

[Hook - 2x]
cjjnmj j bp,jjpd

I hear you talking cash shit, but you sounding like foreigners
Dead presidents on me, call Killa coroner
Spender and a lender, y´all niggaz just borrowers
So all your cheap talking, don´t bother us
I got VVS do´, y´all niggaz got flaws
Pockets full og big Franks, and I ain´t talking hot dogs
Kyle´s style hot dog, yeah but not yall´s
That´s why my money talk, and y´all pockets lock jaw

[Hook - 2x]
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