Letra de Sad girl in the sunset

Blue System

Letra de Sad girl in the sunset de Blue System
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( Blue System )

Respect my love - respect my world
Oh, can´t you understand
Oh baby, you´re a nice young girl
But i´ll never be your man
I saw your tears run endlessy
Oh, i never want this pain
I told you once - i told you twice
I´m your friend, but not your man
I told you i miss you
Oh, that´s alright with me
But i never said i love you
Baby, set me free

Sad girl in the sunset - two blue eyes in misery
I never promised you eternity
I´m not, i´m not your alibi
Oh no

Baby i never promised eternity
I´m not your alibi

Baby, i´m too old to dream
I take the midnight train
A ......... babe limousine
Can´t build a fire in the rain
Love is such a sacrifice
Never trust a pretty face
Oh, this night has a million eyes
Walking down to another place
I told you i´m sorry
Now, it´s time to go
Oh, baby don´t worry
Say it isn´t so