Letra de Oh, i miss you

Blue System

Letra de Oh, i miss you de Blue System
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( Blue System )

Please forgive me
I don´t want to make you cry
Please forgive me
Oh i´m just your jealous guy
Oh, it´s five o´clock - we´re sitting in my car
Oh, just you and me - and a lonely star
Oh, i swear you - oh i will love you baby
Oh, i need you - more and more

Oh, i miss you (i miss you so)
I´m the greatest fool
To let you go (to let you go)
Oh, we started in heaven
I´m waiting just for you
I thought we stay together - just we two
Oh, i miss you so (i miss you so)
The only thing i need is you i know
My heart is always open
I´ll never smile again
If i can´t be your love
I will be your friend

Please forgive me
You are strong when i am weak
Please forgive me
You´re my heart if i can´t speak
Secret love - with no name
I feel you everyday
Loneliness just found me
Why you walked away ?
Oh, i swear you - i will love you baby
Oh, i need you more and more