Letra de Deeper deeper

Blue System

Letra de Deeper deeper de Blue System
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( Blue System )

Deep deep down and deeper
(oh deep deep down) deeper and deeper
Deep deep down and sweeter
(oh deep deep down) sweeter and sweeter

I want you - i need you - i feel you
Deeper and deeper
I love - i miss you - i touch you
Deeper and deeper

Tell me why
Baby i´m a jealous guy
I miss you
One more try - i believe that lonely lie
I miss you
Whatever takes our love together
I tell you i will love you forever
Oh, you mean the world to me

Tell me true, all the colours are not blue
I miss you
Oh for you, all my dreams are coming true
I miss you
Oh baby why you are so lonely
Baby i tell you, you´re the only
Oh, you mean the world to me