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Blog 27

Letra de That lady de Blog 27
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Letra de THAT LADY de BLOG 27.

( Blog 27 )

That lady next 2 ma door
Said I´m a frustrated, growing teenager
She asked me if I have
Any emotional problems
And if I am
Trying to be rebel
I´m sorry dear lady
It´s the way I am
U don´t like me?
Then just fuck off!
She said that rudeness
Is making her heart beat stop!


U said It´s not real
But U don´t know me at all
How come I´m so fake to you?
Without your pressure I´d be different!

I´m tried of messing wid´ that guy
God he is so hard
I´ll never get to know him
Coz he´s not the one that rly cares
I went to the doctor
He said I´m mental sick!
I went to my grandma
She said
Child give me a break
So I sat there just alone
And told myself
Hey U be proud coz Ur
Different than everybody else