Letra de Feel it, shout it!

Blog 27

Letra de Feel it, shout it! de Blog 27
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Letra de FEEL IT, SHOUT IT! de BLOG 27.

( Blog 27 )

I´m gonna´ start right now
U don´t get it? oh fuck ya!
Thanks for that once more
But I don´t need it! (x2)
I don´t even want it! (x2)

That´s another that´s another damn day!
Everybody´s like whatever they say!
What u gonna do with all your time?
It´s useless for u oh plz give m some!

How about u got out wid´ me?
Party all week longs start from right now!
U gotta fight 4 ur rights babe
Don´t let them tell u what´s ur shit!

Feel it, shout it!
Don´t stop!
Live your life, live your life
The way u want it oh
(I c the way, I see the way
oh we get the fuckin´ way!)

No sleep! No courtesty!
No prep no damn beat!
Everbody´s drinkin´, loosin´ control!
Freakin´s out on the floor!
Movin´, fellin´ it!
Screamin´, euphoria
And can u hear that sound oh?
Why don´t u hear it?