Letra de Where eye meets eye


Letra de Where eye meets eye de Blindside
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( Blindside )

One glimpse of you and i shrink
the hand of shame squeezes my stomach
you don't really know me i allowed myself to think
one glimpse of you and i know it's not in your nature to turn your back
and i want to give you more than i have got
so tiny i'm almost disappearing in this world
you're holding in your hand
still you know my name
This is my heart resting in the palm of my hand
this is more then i've planned from the start
holding it up to the sky for you to see
i feel you but don't understand
The second you stepped through the door or was it the ceiling
i stood and beheld your beauty
this worn-out skin is pealing
i will never again praise you because of duty
I want my heart to break for the things that make
your heart break