Letra de Vanity

Bleed From Within

Letra de Vanity de Bleed From Within
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Letra de Vanity de Bleed From Within.

( Bleed From Within )

No more can I take this false pretense
You are everything but nothing to me
Holding the hand of a liar
This is a fucking disaster
Misrepresentation becomes an obsession
As your words are so far from the truth
All hell will reign down upon us
As you move mountains with your words
You looked at me with your withered eyes
that guides this empty being
Inside of you lies nothing but vanity
This obsession you have with yourself
I don´t think you realize
is only skin deep
How can you look down at me
When you don´t even know me
I see nothing but a coward that has no ethics
You live in your own world of make believe