Letra de Empress

Bleed From Within

Letra de Empress de Bleed From Within
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Letra de Empress de Bleed From Within.

( Bleed From Within )

We dim these lights for your return
only you never showed
I still see this door open
expecting your arrival
I need to hear those words
Laying motionless on the floor
You felt the cold of this early morning
Now you cannot feel the cold of its night
All your pain has gone
I remember laying on my back staring at the ceiling
Wondering what comes next
Can it get any worse than this
My pain has been numbed with fear
I can never seem to speak of this tragedy
So my pen bleed all of my emotion onto this paper
So this is how it feels to be stripped of hope
AS I have never felt so fucking empty
Watch the colour drain from my skin
Take every last piece of it in and
Think before you realize what you may lose