Letra de Ecstacy

Black Lab

Letra de Ecstacy de Black Lab
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Letra de Ecstacy de Black Lab.

( Black Lab )

Picture yourself
mind like a switchblade
heart doubled over in pain
you let your body overflow
hide your instinct good and deep
as the world just goes to hell
throw my clothes out in the street
and hang me on your wall
Cause everyone's in ecstasy
underneath it all
and everybody's lonely
no one there at all
but is anybody happy
or is it just the alcohol?
i don't know, i don't know
all i really know is
i don't know, i don't know
Now your sisters have gone, one by one
one took jesus, one took the gun
and each song leads to one more song
the future on your back
i guess i should feel lucky just to
get to be your past
And i never saw your world come down,
that familiar sound.
and i never thought you would pull me down,
that the world would pull me down